Upland Nation

30 years of chukar hunting: tips and tactics, where to go, and more. Plus, why doesn’t my dog come back to me?

September 1, 2020

Every time I talk about chukars ... in magazines, on TV, or social media, people are intrigued. So, it's about time to drill down deep on alectoris chukar: habitat, strategies & tactics, where to hunt, dogs, culture, history. If you've ever thought about pursuing the devil bird, here's your introduction.

Cautions, hard-won advice, suggestions on shooting and dog care, what to bring and how to find them are also covered, based on my experience in five different states hunting the wildest birds in the wildest places over 30 years.

You'll also get some starting points for your own chukar odyssey, and help with getting your dog to recall better.

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