Upland Nation

On this bird hunting podcast, we “ask the veterinarian,” we have your questions and his answers plus a public access spot, dog handling advice and more

January 16, 2020

A bird hunting podcast that respects your time ... and intelligence. Concise and to the point!

This week: more than a dozen of your questions are answered by this bird-dog-owning, chukar-hunting veterinarian, Seth Bynum. From "mean seeds" to when-to-neuter, rattlesnake bite first aid to what he never leaves home without, Seth has advice for every bird hunter and dog owner.

You'll find out what you're doing wrong - and right - to your dog, as well as a "final answer" to the grain-free dog food question that may surprise you.

Plus, a public-access spot in North Dakota for sharptails, dog care and feeding tip and a ton 'o fun. Discounts on gear, too!

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