Upland Nation

Author, film maker, columnist Tom Huggler

October 3, 2019

“You hunt memories,” says author/columnist Tom Huggler. And this guy has a few, with three decades of writing about the things we love: grouse, grouse woods, and bird dogs. You’ve seen his videos, some of the first in a fledgling industry back then. You’ve read his books, and you find his column in magazines every month.

Tom talks about hunting strategy and tactics, the allure of woodcock, and how to hunt without an e-collar in the thick stuff. He explains his literary dog names, is forced to pick his favorite book by himself, and tells a hair-raising tale of hunting on the Crimean peninsula.

All that, plus a publicly-accessible spot for you to hunt, an upland trivia question and a prize, dog training tip and a ton of fun without all the superfluous gab and attitude.

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