Upland Nation

Bird dog podcast: first aid and field care from an EMT/hunter/guide

April 13, 2022

As a firefighter/EMT Alex Langbell patched up humans for 27 years, all the while using his skills on his hunting dogs too. As a guide, TV hunting show producer, avid hunter and gun dog owner he's seen his share of trauma and created what he believes is the ultimate Field Trauma Kit. We'll unbox the kit, go through the contents and their uses, talk field first aid, and even indulge in a little hunting chat.

We also cover symptoms of the most common health and safety threats to which our dogs are vulnerable.

The Upland Nation glossary looks at the letter "I" and we put a cap on the discussion about why someone wouldn't take a newcomer hunting - your Facebook comments make some good points and there's something to learn for everyone. You also have a shot at winning a Mossberg over/under shotgun, too just for nominating your hunting mentor.

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