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Bird dog training and chukar hunting tips from a pro: Jeff Funke of Three Devils Kennel

April 30, 2020

On this bird hunting podcast, wisdom and insights from a breeder/trainer with 30 years’ experience. Jeff Funke of Three Devils Kennel of Nampa, Idaho, is my wirehair supplier, for good reason. His dogs are biddable, birdy, and beautiful. A chukar hunting fanatic, Funke has firm beliefs, interesting training strategies and a world of expertise on the hunting side.

A test judge, clinician, and successful breeder of champion dogs, Jeff answers question on picking a pup, what you should and shouldn’t do with that young dog, he gives us background on a number of dog training/testing groups he’s been deeply involved in, and tells the backstory on why some of the principle founders of NAVHDA formed another group.

Why a new “federation?” And another “alliance?” What are the benefits of each? Jeff offers up his own three “golden rules” that form a great hunting dog … why resilience is the key to puppy development and formal training, and how to breed/pick good versatile hunting dogs. He outlines the difference between training a field-trial dog and a hunting dog … and how wild birds train the dog.

Jeff also offers chukar hunting strategies and tactics, including some that will surprise you that flaunt the conventional wisdom on these “devil birds.”

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