Upland Nation

Bird hunting basics: or are they? Some suggestions that might help you shoot better in the field.

June 2, 2021

Once he hits that point, it's all up to you. Managing what happens next can better ensure you actually hit a bird and reward your hard-working dog with a retrieve. I've pulled together some of the lessons learned the hard way that might help you next season.

From foot position relative to the birds' flight, to getting your dog to stay steady in the face of running birds - and the birds to stay put - to determining if you're cross-dominant (so that's why you miss!).

Perhaps it's not your fault at all - it's your hat's. Or maybe it's because you are looking but not seeing the bird. Have you considered your chokes? Patterned your gun? I'll explain why it will put more birds in your vest.

... and it's all brought to you by:

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