Upland Nation

Bird hunting insider insights: Midway USA’s Larry Potterfield & Guerini’s Wes Lang talk guns, birds, dogs

June 28, 2022

You won't find this stuff in the ads, the magazines or anywhere else: fresh, unadulterated, honest observations by two leaders in the industry: Midway USA founder Larry Potterfield starts us off with his bird hunting experiences, the genesis of his own American Dream of a business venture, where the industry is going, his commitment to the next generation of shooters, consumer-oriented advice and wisdom from decades in the business.

Caesar Guerini USA's Wes Lang focuses on his own peak hunting experiences, shooting advice (he's a world-class sporting clays champion), insights into Italian shotgun manufacturing and distribution, and advice on what to look for in a high-end gun.

The Upland Nation Glossary stops at the letter "S," and we venture to New Mexico for a public access suggestion. Plus, listeners' hopes for the next week in dog training.

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