Upland Nation

Bird hunting master Frank Jezioro bestows his wisdom, plus a new public access spot

July 7, 2022

Join us at the feet of a master: grouse hunter, dog trainer, field trial judge and passionate hunter. Frank Jezioro's byline has appeared in virtually every issue of Pointing Dog Journal, he's written three books, and is sharing decades of hard-won experience with us on today's episode.

We go from where Frank loves to hunt, dog training and breeding insights to practical hunting tips, what he won't leave camp without to defining a good grouse dog. Frank talks about puppy development, what's impacting woodcock populations, and offers a wealth of observations no matter your bird or dog of choice.

The Upland Nation Glossary touches on "T" and listeners chime in with how they'd handle someone else's out-of-control dog in the field.

Our public-access suggestion is in Texas this week.

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