Upland Nation

Bird hunting podcast covers all things PUPPY

March 12, 2020

Got a pup? Want a pup? Need a pup? Selling, buying? Or do you just need some encouragement and sympathy?

Your calls are the star of this podcast! This edition of the Upland Nation bird hunting podcast covers it all. Behavior, tricks and tips, advice from those still cleaning up after puppies. Listeners call in with questions and a ton of hard-won advice you can use today.

Reading body language, what goes through a pup's mind and how to use that knowledge, critical commands, things they should learn early, how to socialize a pup. How much and how to discipline? How much praise, and for what? Why LOVE is an important factor.

Why the most important thing you might do is ... nothing.

How trust impacts a puppy's development, long-range goals and how to reach them.

And it's all from experienced pro's and those agonizing - right now - over their first pup.

Plus, a public-access spot for your next season, an important dog-training tool, discounts and deals, and the chance to win a Pointer shotgun.

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