Upland Nation

Bird hunting podcast: forest grouse from A to Z … a pro guide spills the beans

May 18, 2022

Orvis-endorsed Montana outfitter Tim Linehan has been guiding in the grouse woods for more than 30 years. The deep, dark forest is his bailiwick, unusual for a Montana guide, most of whom roam the prairie. His wisdom is of value no matter where one chases forest grouse.

We cover habitat, what each species needs to survive, their habits. From being a good client to why bells don't scare birds ... strategies and tactics. We look at every aspect of a high-country hunt for blue, ruffed and spruce grouse including the mystique of these elusive birds, specific dog training tips he's picked up and why setters are his preferred dog. Tim offers some insightful shooting advice as well.

The Upland Nation Glossary hits the letter "N," we take a road trip to South Dakota for public-access hunting and a raccoon encounter, and you tell us some of the unwritten rules your fellow hunters might want to follow.

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