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Bird hunting podcast: Pro trainer on pups, clicker training, and positivity … how you’ll save hunting

January 19, 2022

Todd Agnew, pro spaniel trainer at Craney Hill Kennel, shares his decades of hunting and training experience, starting with "why spaniels?" and going through a litany of tips and tactics to help us train virtually any dog breed.

It gets down to rewards, he says. But how? We'll explore.

Plus, the last point of the season, an Upland Nation Puzzler question and prize, and your survey responses on favorite dog breeds and how to ensure there's hunting for the next generation brought to you by:

Sage & Braker Mercantile, Dr. Tim's performance dog food, Pointer shotguns, RuffLand performance Kennels, Mid Valley Clays and Shooting School, your online shotgun shopping resource; Happy Jack, FindBirdHuntingSpots.com.

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