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Bird hunting podcast: shoot better - an instructor’s advice from gun selection to approaching a pointing dog

January 12, 2022

Hunter and chief instructor for the National Sporting Clays Association, Don Currie teaches schlubs like us all year. He offers valuable advice on unboxing your gun, checking for straight barrels (seriously, it's a thing), and choke selection. He schools us on terminology, gun fit, how to fit in at the range, and then we go to the field.

From patterning your gun to foot position on pointed birds, Don has real-life advice, some history lessons on gun making, and how to mount your gun. You will be a better shooter - and shooting teacher - after this podcast!

You share your new year's resolutions, and you could win a Scott Linden Signature Series Real Bird Bumper in our Upland Nation Puzzler question, all brought to you by:

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