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Bird hunting podcast: Trial champ says some birds, some bird dogs, sometimes? Public access hunting spot, your regrets

May 4, 2022

We dig into the "why" of dog training ... deeply ... in addition to some of the "how's" in this interview with Jordan Horak, champion spaniel field trialer, and developer of the Cato Platform.

We go from cockers versus springers, to why a dog should master skills within a 10-foot radius first. We learn how and why a dog goes off the rails when confronted with distance, birds, new environments and gunfire. What motivates a dog at various ages, why birds are not the ultimate "reward" (sometimes), and generally why being more of a "dog listener" is often a better approach to training our hunting partners.

The Upland Nation Glossary hits the letter "L," we take a road trip to Wisconsin for public-access hunting, and you tell us who you wish you'd hunted with one more time.

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