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Bird hunting: PUPPIES! How they’re made, why, and when … a primer on pregnancy too!

March 30, 2022

Breeder, hunter, guide Kent Shelton recounts his recent experience - still fresh - of the entire process. Whether you just got a pup, are considering one, want to become a breeder, or just want to understand the world of whelping we've got something of interest for you.

From why to breed a hunting dog, to genetic testing, to how a mom-dog cares for little ones, counting puppies in the womb and the best time to send those squirming balls of fluff to their forever home, I have the questions and Kent has the answers.

Listeners share their gripes about sportsmanship, and we also talk hunting in South Dakota: strategies, habitat, bird numbers and more. Plus, the Upland Nation Glossary gets to "G" and offer up a way to do a solid for one of your mentors.

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