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Bird hunting: who pays for habitat? Wildlife management? It’s not who - or how - you think!

July 29, 2021

It still amazes me how many hunters believe hunting licenses ... or income taxes ... or property taxes fund wildlife management and conservation. Even at gatherings of long-time hunters, when I mention this topic in a speech, there are more than a few blank stares!

So, please bear with me as I get this off my chest once and for all: in the depths of the Great Depression, hunters went to Congress and asked to be taxed so all forms of wildlife could be more carefully managed and habitat acquired for it.

I'll explain how this magic funding mechanism works, who gets what, and who doesn't pay (hint: "non-consumptive" users from birders to kayakers, backpackers to mountain bikers). When you're done, I hope you'll agree that whether you're a vegan, anti-gun activist or fence-sitter, to help wildlife you should buy a gun, ammo, bow and arrows.

Our public-access feature covers some of my favorite North Dakota spots, and the entire podcast is brought to you by:

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