Upland Nation

Bird hunting: who trains better - men or women? Pro trainer’s insights on spaniels, ”dog whispering,” and a public access destination too!

April 27, 2022

Why women make the best bird-dog trainers ... and other wisdom from a long-time trainer, trialer, judge and hunter Jerry Ray Cacchio. He's the Gun Dog magazine "Flush" columnist, too, and we'll cover everything from thinking like a dog to why so many trials gunners wait too long to pull the trigger.

While we celebrate flushing breeds, much of what Cacchio says is valuable to any bird dog trainer and hunter. Use of e-collars, keeping a dog close, training tips and hunting advice are all part of a fascinating discussion with this spaniel guru.

The Upland Nation Glossary hits letter "K," and we cover your comments on what to do when your dog trespasses. Plus, the new "Road Trip" feature puts another public-access wild bird destination on your map.

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