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Bird hunting: yep, snipe are real and we’ll learn how to hunt them at 10,000 feet. Make your hunting dog’s road trip stellar too.

August 12, 2021

Not just a great practical joke! There really is a snipe, and hunting it in the high elevation wetlands is an adventure, says Michael Salamone. He recently authored an article on the topic for Upland Almanac, and he'll spill the beans on the bird usually associated with burlap sacks and unsuspecting rubes literally holding the bag.

We'll get local intelligence on habitat, behavior, strategies, dog choices, tactics, and why this little shorebird hangs out in wet mountain meadows. Shot size and gun gauge are covered, as are the "real" reasons we go. We'll wend our way through fens and over beaver dams in pursuit of the jinking-juking-vexing migratory birds.

I'll offer two tips on making your dog's road trip as fun - and relaxing - as your own, and the entire podcast is brought to you by:

Sage & Braker Mercantile, Dr. Tim's performance dog food, RuffLand performance Kennels; HuntHuronSD.com, UplandNationDeals.com, Happy Jack, FindBirdHuntingSpots.com.

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