Upland Nation

Craig Koshyk, author, photographer “Pointing Dogs Volume One: The Continentals”

July 8, 2019

“Most people write books because they have answers. I wrote my because I had questions.” Learn about every single continental hunting dog breed in Craig’s book … the first of two. And the good news is, the second volume, on English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish breeds, is soon to come.

We explore the continent, discover some very rare and unusual dogs, learn a thing or two about photography, and live a globe-trotting life vicariously as Craig takes us on an epic journey where he personally met every single dog breed he wrote about.

Craig helps a listener – and all of us, really – avoid “Americanizing” European breeds, and of course, tells us what he loves most about hunting dogs and why he hunts.

A trivia question and prize, another place to hunt - free - on publicly-accessible land, and more, all in this fascinating edition of the Upland Nation podcast.

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