Upland Nation

Bird hunting podcast on dog food: everything you wanted to know but didn’t ask … yet. A vet/dog food creator answers all your questions. Plus, your own training challenge questions and answers.

January 23, 2020

America's favorite bird hunting podcast starts by answering listener questions and taking calls on the "biggest training challenges." From where to train on wild birds, to getting up those hills as we age, to physical fitness and how to shoot a single during a covey flush ... plenty of information!

Then, Dr. Tim Hunt of Dr. Tim's premium natural dog food answers questions on everything from how one develops dog food formulations, to buying advice, to protein sources, to feeding the day of a hunt, to what to look for on that ingredient list ... and more!

You'll also get a new place to hunt - New Mexico - and advice on doing a "duck search" on dry land. Discounts, free stuff, and no wasted time!

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