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First bird dog or next? Some gentle suggestions and observations before you write that check

April 20, 2022

"I want one just like yours!" is the most common email I get about dogs. My response might surprise you.

I've gunned for, trained with, marshalled tests for, hunted for fun and on TV, and simply hung out with hundreds of hunting dogs of most breeds. Is mine, or any other breed, right for you?

It depends. On your personality, the dog's propensities, where you hunt and what your abilities and capabilities are. I'll bring up some key points to keep in mind as you search for your first, or your next, dog. Take them as mere suggestions, but somewhere in here is an idea or two that might help you better match yourself with your next hunting companion.

We'll also talk fellowship and a way to win stuff just for taking a friend hunting ... continue our Upland Nation Glossary with "J" and find out which bird species your dog says (via you) it loves the most!

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