Upland Nation

Hotspotting and sharing - the controversy and your calls … deep dive on the Braque Francais

November 20, 2019

So tell me how you really feel! Mention sharing your hunting spots and you're sure to make waves. So, why not have a civil discussion about the topic? That's what your calls are about in this episode. Everything from give-it-all-away, to strategic sharing, to "when pigs fly." You will be surprised at the take-away.

Plus, a hunt debrief and in-depth chat with one of the few breeders of Braque Francais in the U.S., Brad Boisen of Grand Ciel Lodge. From what happens when groups "Americanize" European breeds, to their hunting style, conformation, testing and the sheer joy of hunting with yet another fantastic dog breed. But you know how that feels!

And of course, a place to hunt, dog training and care advice, the Upland Trivia quiz and a prize.

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