Upland Nation

Road warrior, author, blogger, podcaster, Randy Schultz

October 24, 2019

A true road warrior, Randy Schultz travels extensively across the country with his five Brittany’s in pursuit of virtually every huntable game bird species. He chronicles his passion in a blog, “A Bird Hunter’s Thoughts,” a podcast “Turn ‘Em Loose,” and in his new book “Endless October.”

Randy shares his thoughts on traveling, offering tips and advice on everything from dog care to health and safety. He shares his favorite places and bird species … and why he’s so enamored with each. He offers a unique personal rationale for hunting, discusses dog training during a hunt, and why. He explains why and how trialing can help hunting dogs, and vice-versa. We'll cover training tips and must-have gear for the traveling bird hunter in this informative discussion.

Plus, a public-access tip, dog handling advice on how acoustics make your dog look worse than he is, and the soon-to-be-legendary Upland Nation trivia quiz and a YETI prize.

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