Upland Nation

Ronnie Smith, pro trainer

September 5, 2019

One-half of the famous training team, Ronnie, along with his cousin Rick Smith, carry on the legacy of their legendary uncle/father Delmar Smith. It’s in their genes, and it shows. Ronnie offers insights into how a dog thinks and how you can use that to advantage in training, some traveling-with-dog tips, how to keep your dog in top condition, and why sensing a dog’s attitude is critical to building a strong relationship.

Ronnie also provides some pre-season physical and mental “warm-ups,” shows us the right way to “road” a dog, and how to use water to get your dog in peak physical condition. He helps us “train the trainer,” and reminds us what a dog wants and how we can provide it – to both our benefits!

Wondered about the Smith’s “Silent Command” system? How their “Wonder Lead” works? Ronnie will show us!

Plus, a publicly-accessible hunting spot, trivia question and prize, and listener questions, answered.

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