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Spaniel trainer, trialer, champion Todd Agnew

September 26, 2019

"We all have expectations to different degrees. Our expectations at Craney Hill Kennel are extremely high for our dogs. The theory is that if we set our standard to an almost unattainable level, when we fall short our dogs will still be very talented animals.”

If that’s not enough to intrigue you, consider Todd’s recent accomplishments: the 2017 National Open High Point and developed and won the 2018 National Open Championship. The guy gets results. And whether you're a spaniel guy, retriever or pointer man, you will learn something to apply today in your own relationship with your dog.

But do field trial blue ribbons make better bird hunters? Find out, and learn more about how Todd views what we do as “development,” not training. What works and what doesn’t, how clicker and treat training fit his training strategy, even tips that are as relevant to pointer guys as flusher guys.

This guy understands dogs as well as any more well-known training guru and we dig deep into the why’s and wherefores of his methods. You’ll be a better trainer when you finish listening.

We go from setting realistic goals as we enter hunting season and how to clean up when the season ends; to why hunting flushers with pointers is usually a bad idea unless you’re a plantation owner. Todd explains why you shouldn’t rush your dog’s training, and gives us his take on the biggest training mistakes we make.

You may not agree with Todd’s philosophy, but you’ve got to give him credit for turning out incredible dogs.

Plus, a trivia question and prize, public-access tip, dog training tip, and NO BS. Your time is valuable – get the good stuff here without all the junk that clutters your phone ... and your head!

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