Upland Nation

Threats to our sport and how to beat them, with the Sportsmans Alliance

October 17, 2019

What's a pronghorn and a rifle hunter doing here? The short version of the long story is, Brian Lynn and colleague Bruce Tague are working on behalf of all hunters ... anglers and trappers, too. Their organization Sportsmans Alliance is in the trenches every day, defending our right to hunt. And don't worry - both are avid bird hunters too!

The Alliance is in court, the halls of state and federal legislatures, online and on the streets, counteracting the strident calls of anti-hunters, so-called "conservation" groups, and animal rights organizations who want to "free" your dogs, prevent you from pursuing gamebirds with them, take away taxidermy mounts of your bucket-list birds, and stop you from producing puppies to improve the health of your dog breed.

We'll get an update on the threats to our sport, and why we should work cooperatively with big-game hunters and trappers, bow hunters and anglers. We'll get a list of the "bad guys" and the good guys and find out more about how each works for - and against - us. And, how you should be involved to protect your sport now, and for future generations.

Plus, a place to hunt - free, the upland trivia quiz, and dog handling/training advice ... all delivered in a concise, respectful way so you can learn, act, and HAVE SOME FUN without wasting your valuable time.


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