Upland Nation

Trainer, trialer, author, seminar leader Evan Graham

October 31, 2019

Best known for his "SmartWork" system of books and DVDs, Evan Graham made his mark scoring high in top-level retriever trials. But his way of thinking - and training - is useful to anyone with a dog. From managing expectations and measuring a dog's progress, to the right way to introduce gunshots, he's got suggestions for all of us.

Graham helps pointer guys get their dogs to retrieve, explains "force breaking" and what it really means, and shows us why most dog problems are really handler problems. We'll drill down to fundamental ways of thinking about your relationship with your dog and how it affects his performance.

Practical tips about using live and dead birds, a 100-foot checkcord, and many other topics are covered in this fast-paced interview. You can learn more about Evan and his upcoming seminars, order his books or DVDs, here.

We'll also answer a listener question about helping a flushing dog stay within gun range, look at publicly-accessible land in Nevada, and award someone a YETI Rambler in the Upland Nation trivia test.

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