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Remastered! Upland bird hunting podcast: guru Bob Farris on Pudelpointers, wild bird hunting, breeding and training

September 16, 2021

Our most popular episode, remastered and worth another listen. Author of "Breeding and Training Versatile Hunting Dogs," NAVHDA judge, hunter, trainer and breeder, this guy has done it all ... including handling his dog to retrieve kicking tees for college football games! Bob Farris is well-respected for his dogs, training techniques, and insights that only come from judging hundreds of versatile hunting dogs.

We talk every aspect of dogs and hunting: wild bird strategies and tactics, puppy picking, socialization, training do's and don'ts. Bob covers the difference between breed clubs and the new Pudelpointer Alliance, and outlines the three most important skills you should teach to a dog and more.

Plus, advice on finding - and taking advantage of - public access ground, merchandise discounts and a chance to win a new Pointer shotgun.

(Can't wait for the discounts? Get 10% off and free shipping at Dogtra with the code SLUN10; 30% off your first order at Dr. Tim's performance dog food with the code UPLANDNATION. Win that gun by signing up for the mailing list at findbirdhuntingspots.com.)

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