Upland Nation

Versatile bird dogs since the 70’s … this guy knows his stuff and is willing to share!

April 6, 2022

Phil Swain is a NAVHDA judge, wild bird hunter, dog trainer and all-around upland guru. He started hunting in the 1970's and still wanders the hills for chukars when his knees will cooperate! He's mentored countless hunting dog owners, judged hundreds of dogs and has plenty to say about puppy development, dog training and testing.

We also talk the importance of survival gear and knowledge, including a chilling grouse hunting experience, plus how a dog thinks, and why praise is critical to a dog's development - and not just during puppyhood. Phil shares his thoughts on the right way to use an e-collar, and we celebrate the camaraderie of the hunt.

You tell me why you will - or won't - take a newcomer hunting, and I offer a gentle suggestion for those in the "no" camp. We also arrive at "H" in the Upland Nation Glossary and offer a way for you to win an over-under shotgun.

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