Upland Nation

Your calls on our future … another world record … make your e-collar multi-task

November 7, 2019

Our first call-in episode and what a discussion! Upland Nation citizens like you address the problems facing our sport ... from habitat loss to mismanagement, recruiting newcomers, to our image in the media. Upland Nation fans have some pretty darn good ideas and fascinating insights!

But first, Guinness Book of World Record-holder David Miller of CZ-USA recounts his most recent success with four young shooters and over 14,000 broken clays. He also helps us translate clay-target success to the field, motivate youngsters, improve our gun mount and shooting techniques. You'll get a sneak preview on some proprietary technology in the new CZ shotguns as well as some new features.

You'll get a shot at a trivia question and prize, plus some of the other ways to make your e-collar earn its keep in the yard and in the field.

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