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Get the good stuff - sponsor deals

December 10, 2019

Podcasts survive when their listeners actually buy stuff from sponsors. Or, by putting me in your will!

Seriously, there are some great deals out there if you listen to Upland Nation. Here are some examples:

1. Sage & Braker makes heirloom-quality gun care products. Get free shipping, and when you register for their mailing list you'll get first dibs on the dozens of new products coming down the pipeline. Learn more about each here:

Homepage - http://bit.ly/2UEZFqW

Gun Mat - http://bit.ly/2VwQZ34

Bore Cleaning Kit - http://bit.ly/2VCbXOd

CLP - http://bit.ly/2WWSqb9

Brush & Pick Tool Roll - http://bit.ly/2VwatVx

Shotgun Bore Cleaning Kit - http://bit.ly/2Ip9ym2

Rifle Bore Cleaning Kit - http://bit.ly/2WZ8hGg

2. My own Dog Energy Bar keeps your canine partner going on long hunts with instant energy. Learn more here, and get a quantity discount.

3. Dogtra makes the T&B Dual, the most innovative two-dog training collar system I've ever seen: one transmitter, two sets of buttons, no toggling between dogs at critical moments. Get 10% off any purchase over $200 here when you use the code SLUN10. Free shipping on any purchase over $200 as well!

3. I learned from someone else who learned the hard way ... "shot my ears out" he said. Now, I wear hearing protection at the range and in the field. Affordable, almost invisible, ESP digital units protect your hearing from gunshots but enable you to hear dogs panting, birds flushing and target throwers throwing. Professional custom-fitting is included and remember, once lost, you can't buy back your hearing. It's gone. Forever.

And, for those who care, “Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com