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August 5, 2019

My goal is to provide you with insights, useful information and ideas you can use ... for hunting, dog training, shooting, dog care, and general getting-along-outdoors. I hope it is relevant, entertaining and fun to listen to.

Most of that content will come from people smarter and more experienced than me - experts, professional and otherwise, sometimes the icons we idolize, other times just guys who know their stuff and are willing to share. My job is to help them help you. Yes, some bits of wisdom will come from me and I hope it is also of value to you.

I promise not to waste your time with idle chatter and BS, will keep things concise and fast-paced, cutting out all the junk you hate on other podcasts.

Contact me here if there's something (or someone) you want to hear, or if you want to be on the show, to answer the trivia question, or if you have suggestions for topics, criticism or encouragement. If you're a potential sponsor feel free to call 541-382-1726, or drop me an email.

I promise to read every email and return every call.


Scott Linden

My blog is here. 

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